Here Are Halibut Cooking Tips You Can Try

By. Nevanda - 27 Feb 2023

img - Halibut is one of many versatile fish you can cook. You can do anything on halibut fillet, like pan fry, sautée, bake, grill, broiled, fried and poached. Halibut has a firm white meat and the taste of the meat is mild, this kind of fish can be great addition into any recipes of whitefish. There is one thing to think of that is the halibut meat will easily dry out because its contain very little oil. So, if you want to cook it by baking, broiling or grilling, make sure to marinate or brushed the meat with oil or butter to help maintain the moisture. You should pick the right mixture to marinate it too, because you don’t want to over power the delicate taste of halibut. Don’t use acidic marination mixture as well because it will make the flesh breakdown and make it soft or mushy. Before you cook the halibut, wash it under the cold water thoroughly and then pat dry with paper towel. You might need a cooking thermometer because it will help takes all the guess work out when cooking halibut. Halibut fish is best to have an internal temperature of 145 degrees celcius.


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Halibut are flatfish that have their both eyes on one side of their body. They live on the ocean floor and swim on their side. The name of Halibut actually can refer to any kind of flatfish of the Pleuronectiformes order. Halibut fish is can be obtained from farm-raised or sometime a wild catch. It is sold as whole fish, fillets or steaks. Their skin is edible but not so tasty so usually the halibut meat is sold skinless. When you are buying halibut on the market, avoiding choose the dull-looked fish cuts, yellowish or the one that already dried out. Halibut can be store frozen to retains their meat moisture. 


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