Export Document for Seafood’s Trading

Export Document for Seafood’s Trading

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Business activity, especially for Seafood Business, in carrying out exports must be done with general legalities and special requirements such as GMP, HACCP Manual, Certificate of HACCP and others.

The export implementation procedure must be in accordance with the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) where the steps in preparing for export activities via Sea (by vessel) using reefer container as follows:

  1. There is an agreement with the buyer regarding the specification of product, quantity, price, payment term and date of shipment by making a Proforma Invoice or work contract
  2. Start the production process according to the needs or work contract
  3. Submitting organoleptic testing to BKIPM by providing samples based on the products to be exported.

The process of submitting a sample product is about 1 month before the export implementation

  1. Booking Reefer Container 20 Ft or 40 Ft as needed with the set temperature minus 25 degrees Celsius.
  2. Submission of a Health Certificate to BKIPM is based on the results of organoleptic testing where the management process is through PPK Online by filling in: Buyer’s address, date of stuffing and date of shipment, port of loading, port of destination, net weight, gross weight, amount, description of products, quantity, container number and seal number.
  3. Make Invoice, Packing List in Health Certificate application by attaching HACCP Certificate
  4.  Before loading the product into the container, the sanitation process is carried out first by cleaning it from contamination and spraying with disinfectant, closing the container and plugging it until it reaches a temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius.
  5. The process of stuffing / loading products into reefer container is not carried out in its entirety, considering that reefer containers require temperature stability again, so they must be done partially.
  6. The temperature must be observed and checked frequently until the stuffing / loading products process is complete, close the reefer container and seal it
  7. The process of stuffing / loading is complete, Trucking carrying containers is ready to depart after reaching a temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius.
  8. The prepared documents required by the buyer/importer depend on the country of destination.

For export shipments to the USA, the documents required are:

  • Commercial Invoice
  •  Packing List
  •  Bill of Lading
  •  Certificate of Origin
  •  Health Certificate
  • Catching Certificate (For certain products)

Thus a brief description of the stages in carrying out export activities that must be considered and known for fishing companies

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