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Size :

6 – 8 oz        (168 – 224 gram)    : Contents 20 – 27 pcs per MC 

8 – 10 oz      (224 – 280 gram)    : Contents 17 – 20 pcs per MC

10 – 12 oz    (280 – 336 garam) : Contents 14 – 17 pcs per MC

Product Description :

  1. The species name is Scomberomorus spp
  2. Processed King Fish Steak through several stages: frozen cutting (frozen cutting using a bandsaw machine), trimming (smoothing), sizing, vacuuming, packing to storage.
  3. Rich in nutritional value and as a source of animal protein, which is high in vitamins A, B, E, K, phosphorus, calcium, iron, folate, and magnesium which are good for body health, does not contain histamine so it does not cause itching due to inflammation. allergic reaction.
  4. Free from preservatives such as formalin, chemicals, borax, and other harmful substances so it is safe for long-term consumption.
  5. processed by maintaining a cold chain system, so that product quality is maintained. The process water and ice used are in accordance with drinking water standards and have gone through an accredited Independent Laboratory Test.
  6. The production process is carried out hygienically and according to GMP & HACCP standards and has gone through accredited Independent Laboratory Tests such as the BKIPM Lab and BPMHP Lab.
  7. Packaged using food-grade vacuum nylon plastic that is frost-resistant, so it is safe and prevents contamination of the product.
  8. Has a chewy, soft, and dense texture.
  9. Can be consumed by children, adults, pregnant women and people who have decreased immunity.

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