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By. Nevanda - 23 Feb 2023

img - Barramundi has an elongated body with a large and slightly oblique mouth. Their upper jaw is extending behind the eye. The dorsal fin has hard spines, while the pectoral fin and pelvic fin have soft rays only, and the caudal fin also have soft rays with round shape. Barramundi fish often made as a targeted sportfish in many region. They can live both in the saltwater and freshwater. 


Barramundi fish can be found around Indo-Pacific region and can live both in a saltwater and freshwater. Although they can be found in many regions, Barramundi now also cultivated through aquaculture in many countries. This fish also have wide range tolerance of water salinity. Barramundi’s gender is depend on their age, usually the younger fish is male and the older or adults is change to female. Barramundi is come from the Australian Aboriginal language that means large-scaled silverfish. These fish mostly will do the spawning on the night when the is a new or full moon.

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Barramundi diet consist of small crustacean, molluscs, and smaller fish including their own species. Their juvenile is feed on zooplankton. Barramundi is one of the catadromous fish, which means they born on the sea but mostly spent their live on the freshwater. Usually the male fish will come down from the river to the estuaries and meet the female to spawn there. They can lay a large number of eggs even can reach million of eggs. Because they are can live in the saltwater and freshwater, barramundi can be cultured in a pond, open-net pens, and freshwater tank everywhere. 

Barramundi fish contain a medium fat that makes it easy to cook using a variety of cooking techniques. You can grill, roast, broil, sautée, bake, steam and even fry their meat. Barramundi mostly sold as a whole fish or fillet, both with skin on and skinless. The popular way to cook barramundi is to pan fry it with the skin on. The skin is adding a thin crisps texture that makes it perfect.


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